The new Lifeguards Headquarter in Pompano Beach is ready!

Last night, while my wife and I were walking along the Pompano Beach boardwalk, after dinner at our favorite spot, the Briny Irish Pub, we noticed that the new lifeguard headquarters building, located right on the beach is almost completed. If I’m not mistaking, it has taken almost two years to build it! Initially, it seemed like it was taking forever but now, when looking at the structure that has surged where the old one-story garage looking structure used to be, I’m not surprised it has taken this long!

If you have been to the Pompano Beach Pier, or the Briny Irish Pub, at the corner of Atlantic and A1A, you may have noticed a new two-story building right on the beach. Judging by the look of the building, it seems like it could withstand a Category 5 hurricane! The only way it could move is in a single piece, the whole thing would have to be lifted and blown off the beach!

While I was contemplating writing about this very impressive building the City of Pompano Beach just built, to house those who watch over us and our friends and family at the beach, I started thinking about other important subjects worth mentioning in an article. And I thought, why not write about how and where to get licensed and certified to be a lifeguard in and around Pompano Beach?

Here is a list of the associations that offer lifeguard training and certification in Pompano Beach and Broward County Florida

American Red Cross Training Services

Here you can sign up for a wide range of American Red Cross lifeguarding and water safety courses year-round from trained professionals who can help you gain the skills and confidence necessary for providing care and instruction when it’s needed most. 

The American Lifeguard Association

ALA helps with the development of testing protocols and the administration of health and safety program at swimming pools, waterparks, and beaches.

ALA emphasizes public awareness of responsibility in aquatic environmental issues to protect the world we live in. It has worked diligently on environmental issues to help keep our beaches and waterways cleaner for our future generations.

American Aquatics and Safety Training

A nonprofit that trains and certifies in Lifeguarding, Waterfront Lifeguarding, Junior Lifeguarding, Shallow Pool Lifeguarding, Sexual Harassment Training, CPR/AED, CPR for Lifeguards, First Aid Emergency Oxygen, and swimming lessons.

City of Margate Florida

2023 Drone Show in Pompano Beach

Hello friends and visitors! The drone shows in Pompano Beach were back for a second time this year.

The two shows was presented by Firefly Drone Show and it included over 300 lighted drones, supported by the music of a DJ, followed by The Vam Band, a Funk Tribute Dance Band performing soul, R&B and pop/ten 40.

The drone shows lasted about 12-15 minutes each and offered a display of bright and colorful cartoons, animals, planes, buildings and more.

Visit some of the links below to see some of the images and videos of the 2023 Pompano Beach Drone Show:

The South Florida Sun Sentinel

A youtube video recorded by the Barefoot Vlogger and thank you for recording this event. The actual show starts around the 19:00 minutes mark.

The New Pompano Pelican

Drone Show Extravaganza on yelp

The Pompano Beach CRA Facebook page – where you will find plenty of information about past and upcoming events

Our list of local resources in and around Pompano Beach

New Townhouses to be built next to the Parliament House

Hello Friends and Neighbors!

You may have noticed that a brand new small complex of townhouses is in the planning and construction should start soon. The building will have three or four 3 stories townhouses facing the ocean with a small pool in the front. You can click here to visit the 499 Ocean website and read more about the project.

According to the builder, each unit will measure between 3200 to 3400 sq. ft., have private entrance, a two car garage, an ocean facing private pool, and a rooftop terrace. The image below was borrowed from the realtor’s site, it shows the outline of the building on the ground and a rendering of what it will look like once finished.

Overall, I find that as long as it doesn’t interfere with traffic and the view from our building, these new homes will be a nice addition to the neighborhood.

It remains to be determined if the project will go through. We will keep you informed if about the progress over the next months.

In the meantime, let’s enjoy a beautiful fall evening in Florida!!